“Remontage” consists in pumping up the wine from the bottom of the vat in order to sprinkle the “cap” (grape skin and pips which rise to the surface). The process optimises the extraction of colour and tannins. 

classified letter A

Classification Letter A. This is a classification established by the Casa do Douro, revised annually. It is based principally on the quality of the soil, the altitude, the micro-climate, and the method of cultivation of the vine in each parcel. The parcels are classified in this way from A (the best score) to F.

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Quinta do Noval - Fine Ports Since 1715

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At Quinta do Noval, we started harvesting the whites on September 5th, moving on to the reds five days later. We harvested on a plot-by-plot basis, bringing in the grapes as and when they were ready. Different parcels mature at different rates, depending on their altitude and sun exposure. To sum up the 2012 vintage, ‘promising’ seems to be the most suitable description. Although the grapes ripened a little late this year, and despite the ‘driest winter in 40 years’, the fruit we harvested was in excellent condition. “Early tastings are revealing lovely, dry red wines with intense colour and aromatic power, elegant and well-structured. The Portos vinified in the lagares are proving to be both aromatic and powerful, an excellent start which hints at the strong overall quality we’ve seen this year, with some batches potentially worthy of Vintage status. A strong year, with a great deal of promise.” 

António Agrellos, Technical Director

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