Olive groves are part of the breath-taking landscape of Quinta do Noval. The olive trees are either grouped or spread between terraces and small paths. After the dry and hot summer months, the fleshy olives are ready to be picked in October, before the first frosts arrive.

Our olive groves are field blends of different Portuguese olive varieties. The main ones are: Cordovil, Madural and Verdeal transmontana. Many of Quinta do Noval’s olive trees are more than 200 years old. Therefore, they produce a richer and more complex olive oil with only 0.2% acidity.

The olives are grown traditionally with no irrigation and pruning is done by hand. To extract the best quality Extra Virgin olive oil, the fruits are cold-pressed.

26 hectares, i.e. 10% of Quinta do Noval’s surface, is devoted to olive groves. Most of the olive oil is sold to delicatessens and fine restaurants in Portugal and overseas. A small quantity is kept for the quinta’s use. We use it all year long in dishes cooked for our team and guests: salads, soups, roasts and also as a starter with some fresh bread, for the pleasure of tasting it.

Balanced, tasty and slightly spicy…
Our olive oil, along with our wine, expresses Quinta do Noval’s terroir.

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