From the beginning of November to the end of February, our team goes over each of the vineyard’s parcels removing last year’s wood from the vine. It’s an essential stage in ensuring the good health of the vines, and therefore the quality of their grapes.

20 winegrowers join forces for this wintertime work, which is carried out entirely by hand on the 145 hectares which make up the vineyard. Each grower prunes between 300 and 600 vines per day, depending on the pruning method: Cordon de Royat, Guyot simple and Guyot double for the oldest parcels.

The pruning method varies from one parcel to the next, but also, within the same parcel, from one vine stock to the next. For during the first few years of its life, the winegrower shapes the vine according to the selected pruning method. Then, as the years go by, the vine grows stronger as it extends its roots into the ground, and the winegrower steers its movement by adapting to the way it has chosen to grow.

Pruning requires a blend of technique and adaptability, of precision and intuition. In some ways it’s an art form... which, year in year out, keeps on contributing to the quality of the Quinta do Noval wines.

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